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  1. Why do I need to ask for a consultant's services to export my products?

    Unless you have a deep knowledge of the market structure, of the way of doing business, of laws, taxes and tariffs, and unless you already have a clearly defined export plan … well, we might be able to help!

    With our expertise and our ability to plan strategies effectively and maximize results, we will avoid your company lengthy and expensive experiences and we will provide you complete peace of mind regarding your international challenges.

  2. We have just decided to start exporting. How long will it take to get our products distributed and sold overseas?

    InterConnekt will help you to get a clear picture of the actions needed to enter overseas markets, and will suggest customized export strategies according to your needs and to your budget. Anyway, how long it will take to get your products distributed and sold abroad depends mainly on the nature of your products and on the resources you are willing to dedicate to your export plans, and therefore each firm will have different timing.

  3. Can you act as a sales representative for our goods?

    As consultants, at InterConnekt we will find, investigate and qualify foreign prospective sales representatives for your firm.

    We do not act as direct representatives, even if we can consider specifics agreements on a case by case basis.

  4. I am a patent owner. Can you help me get my patent realized and sold abroad?

    Of course! We will discuss with you about your patent's potentials and we will develop a customised export strategy to help you to sell your patent's applications abroad.

  5. My budget is not that big … how much will I spend to get your services?

    How much you'll spend depends basically on the services you will require. Any case, we offer customized solutions that can fit even tight budgets: .

    We fully understand your budget concerns, and we focus on turning our expertise into value for your company at very competitive prices that are comprehensive and will give you the best return on your investment.