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Our team has many years of experience in the market, and the specific knowledge of all the differences between the two ways of doing business in Europe and in US, avoiding our clients lengthy and expensive mistakes.

We will be your Partners: our only goal is your satisfaction.


Miriano Ravazzolo is the founder and President of InterConnekt LLC.
Mr. Ravazzolo has more than twenty years of experience as executive and entrepreneur in Italy and Europe. He has a real hands-on knowledge of the business practices on both sides of the Ocean. Within his experiences, he has been General Manager of R&C Italia, Managing Director of the Industrial Division of Zhermack SpA, founder and CEO of Zhermack Inc. in the US.

Mr. Ravazzolo is the appointed "Trade and Investment Representative to Italy" by the Nevada Commission on Economic Development. He is on the board of the NEWTRAC (Nevada World Trade Council), a member of AMA (American Marketing Association), and a proud member of Rotary International