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Entering US market

The United States of America is the biggest market in the world, and at the same time, the most competitive. The U.S. market structure doesn't allow the typical European approach — it requires preparation, planning and medium-term strategies in order to get significant results. It's almost impossible to enter the U.S. market just by improvising, because the offer is so wide that only a structured approach can be successful.

The U.S. market entry should be structured as follows:

  • Sectoral analysis, with description of main players, market structure and distribution, market size per geographical areas.
  • Definition of a market entry strategy that includes marketing and distribution plans, and that optimizes available resources. The strategy can be local, vertical (niche market on a wide area), horizontal (wide market on a small area), or even global if the specific market size is not that relevant. It's important to note that these decisions will pretty much decide the kind of approach.
  • Detailed analysis based on strategic decision.
  • Operational plan and execution

Due to the strategic relevance of the decisions that have to be taken, it's crucial that our customer firms (and entrepreneurs in the first place) are actively involved in the process.

The United States cover a very wide area: they're about two and half times the size of Western Europe, and they include 3 time zones only in the mainland.

Every choice of business location implies some compromises, because if you choose the East Coast you might be closer to Europe, but you'll be seven plane hours from California that is the single biggest market within the U.S. and vice-versa.

In addition, you should consider which are the most "business friendly" markets within the U.S., that is where there's more operational simplicity, less bureaucracy and a favorable tax structure..

Among United States InterConnekt especially promotes business in Nevada because it's close to the big Californian market and at the same time it has a very favorable regulatory environment, with low fiscal pressure and an affordable bureaucratic system.


Business in Nevada