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Opportunities for U.S. firms exporting to Italy

American business representatives will find that selling in Italy offers new challenges, but it presents no overwhelming problems.

Over 7,500 American companies are actively represented in Italy, with approximately 850 of them having subsidiaries there.

Given the more favorable dollar-euro exchange rate at present, U.S. firms have a slight pricing advantage vis-à-vis their European competitors, but must be aggressive in identifying opportunities for their products and services.

In general, rationalizing business practices and achieving cost-savings create opportunities for U.S. equipment, technology and expertise in computer software and hardware.

The full liberalization of the Italian telecommunications market, with a belated but enthusiastic interest in the Internet, is creating substantial business opportunities.

Privatization and liberalization in the energy sector following EU directives should also spur future demand for equipment and services in this sector.

In addition, the Italian public as well as private sector is looking for ways to improve efficiency while reducing costs, through outsourcing, training programs and better application of new information technologies.

U.S. firms with products and services that contribute to the further rationalization and increased competitiveness of the Italian economy will find that Italy offers significant opportunities.

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