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Partners selection

A proper distribution channel needs to be carefully chosen for the new markets you're going to enter: direct and indirect exporting, joint ventures, technology licensing and/or acquisition of foreign companies are the main options you might be interested in.

InterConnekt brings value to your business by developing and implementing customized solutions for more efficient and profitable export strategies: we will select the distribution channels that fit your needs and respect your budget, and we will advise on which channel is likely to be more successful for exporting your products.

InterConnekt will then bring to your attention a selection of partners you can choose from and will help you to define your agreements with your partners overseas.


Sales representatives

If you intend to export by using an export intermediary, InterConnekt will help you to find the local sales representatives that will work on commission basis and will promote and sell your products within Italy.

InterConnekt will negotiate an agreement with a foreign representative and -on demand- will help you to train him/her about your products.



Accordingly to your requests, InterConnekt will select the foreign distributors that will resell your products in Italy and that will provide support and service in the foreign market.


Technology licensing

If your company wants to overcome the tariff and nontariff barriers that may hamper the export of U.S. manufactured products, you might be willing to export your products through technology licensing.
InterConnekt will find out the business partners that will best suit to your requirements and will negotiate the compensation for your company's patents, copyrights, or other intellectual property that will be made available to the overseas licensee.


Joint ventures

Your company may find it desirable to enter into a joint venture with a foreign firm to help spread the costs associated with foreign operations.
If you choose to begin a business relationship with a firm in Italy, InterConnekt will locate, investigate and qualify foreign prospective partners and will help you to establish a joint venture with the Italian company you selected.

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