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Italy is characterized by a good level of communications infrastructures and by a wide use of mobile phones (almost 1 per inhabitant) and internet, if compared with other countries in Europe.

The penetration rate of the Internet in Italian enterprises in 2003 was estimated at 92 percent, one of the highest in Europe.

Also electronic commerce applications have taken off and are experiencing very positive growth: B2B e-commerce transactions reached 37.6 billion euro in 2003 (about $ 45.5 billion), and are expected to increase to over 112 billion euro in 2005 (about $ 135.5 billion).

The most active players focusing on the implementation of B2B solutions are in the automotive, pharmaceutical, grocery, information technology, tourism and telecommunications sectors.

Internet usage in Italy has experienced explosive growth in the past 4 years and the number of business and home Internet users has boomed: the number of Internet users was estimated at 19.8 million in 2002 and is expected to reach 28.6 million in 2005.

Here below there are some figures about communications in Italy:

Telephones - mobile cellular: 55.918 million (2003)
Telephones - main lines in use: 26.596 million (2003)

Internet users: 22.6 million (2003)
Internet hosts: 1,437,511 (2004)

Television broadcast stations: 358 (plus 4,728 repeaters) (1995)

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