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Italy is well served by major airways, and thanks to its strategic location it's easy to reach all other countries in Europe from Italy.

Transports infrastructure is highly developed, with a widespread highways and railways connection within the country:

Federal Express, UPS, DHL, and other rapid delivery services are also available.

  • Railways: 12,121 miles (19,507 km)
    The railroad system is operated by the Italian State Railways, a government agency. The railroad provides an efficient and economical method of transportation also for business purposes.
  • Highways: 298,051 miles (479,688 km)
    The highway system is approximately 298,000 miles long, including over 3,000 miles of superhighways, called "autostrade." The network connects the major industrial centers and offers easy access to Northern Europe. Mainly private companies under government concession operate trucking services.
  • Airports: 95
    Italy has an extensive airport network consisting of 19 international, 17 domestic, and 59 general aviation airports.
  • Ports and harbours: 43
    Sea--Italy has eight major seaports: Gioia Tauro, Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Naples, Palermo, Trieste, and Venice. In addition, there are 35 smaller ports primarily used for coastal shipping.

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